CC Ryder


Sunday, August 20 @ 3:00 PM - ACOUSTIC PAVILION

CC Ryder is a soulful singer/songwriter who specializes in folk influenced rock music with a personalized message. Ryder's topics range from the personal to the political, carried by her hauntingly powerful singing voice.

Ryder's musical career, though still only on its second year, has blossomed to a calendar full of events that extends through next year. CC and her musical family, whom she lovingly calls her "M-fam," have taken the region by storm, playing out live every weekend. She has grown into a solo musical force that any venue would be lucky to host.

Beyond being just a musician, Ryder comes armed with strong beliefs about social justice and peace. Whether discussing modern politics or ancient history, CC Ryder stands for more than just a beautiful singing voice and catchy melodies.

-John Marsh