David Kolker Band


Saturday, August 19 @ 6:30 PM - BANDSTAND STAGE

The David Kolker Band have been playing a semi-resident gig at the Bitter End in Greenwich Village, NYC. There, they've crafted a winning mixture of straight-ahead rock and blues—a sound that eschews the rigidity of either genre, and consequently bends the unlikeliest ears. Kolker has a markedly individualistic style as a singer, songwriter and as a guitarist. Paul LeFebvre’s haunting pedal steel guitar drives incredible tones into this music.  The band is also made stronger by the character contributed by both Andrea Monorchio on guitar and vocals and John Deley on both keyboards and vocals. Nikolaus Schuhbeck on drums and Brett Bass on bass form the band’s rhythm section and do so with just the right amount of finesse and abandon. Kolker is dynamic and unrestrained onstage, a must see.