Gutter Cat


Saturday, August 19 @ 4:30 PM - BANDSTAND STAGE

Gutter Cat’s stage personality is the Hudson Valley, NY area’s must see rock cover act, bringing enthusiastic crowds to the front of the dance floor and rockin’ the guys in the back row enjoying a cold one. Our song selection always gets rave reviews because we play the hard hitting “other” hits from the album. And the song list always includes some surprises. Ask our fans…it’s the “all-over- the-map” selections that keep everyone interested and in jamming with the band.

Gutter Cat has enjoyed performing at many local venues, festivals and benefits and we are looking forward to maintaining that habit. It’s not just how you play the music, it’s how much play you put into it.

The band is Gutter Cat…comprised of a cast of real characters who arm themselves as follows:

Vinnie Morano - Bass Guitar and Vocals - The Purveyor of Adjustments and Potentiometer theory.
Paul Palen - Lead Guitar and Vocals – The “Collector” of Kool (and Guitars).
Aaron Dietz - Percussion - Raised by Musical Wolves with Superhuman Abilities.
Joe McConnell - Rhythm Guitar and Leads - The Antics and Unnatural Tectonic Movements