Ian Flanigan

Progressive Folk

Sunday, August 20 @ 3:00 PM - ICE ARENA STAGE

Ian Flanigan is a seasoned, acoustic singer-songwriter local to the Hudson Valley. His sound is an eclectic blend of progressive folk and percussive finger style that features a rich, husky voice and evocative lyrics. His music is reminiscent of a road less traveled, and paved with poignant lyrical truths of his past. Authenticity and connection through music—a common theme within his stories—is essential to Ian's life, which is one of the many reasons why listeners love his music.

This year is an exciting time of growth for Ian as he anticipates the release of his newest album. The compilation of hauntingly dynamic songs, disclose the humble reflection of a man's past. Each song serenades the unity of life, and an affinity for atonement—a sound that's haunting, and familiar.

"We're all connected in this life, I'm just here to try and make you feel it for a moment."-Ian Flanigan