Jocelyn Cariello

As an individual diagnosed with PTSD, Panic/Anxiety Disorder, as well as Major Depressive Disorder, Jocelyn Cariello has walked the walk. Her presentation His, Mine and Hers is one of being a survivor of childhood riddled with child abuse at the hands of an alcoholic father battling undiagnosed Bipolar Disorder. She will also be discussing what it's like to have a child who has survived a suicide attempt. She will also share the need to achieve a life of living in the moment; not living in the past or borrowing trouble from the future. Telling her story with humor, as well as the pride she feels in the work she has done, her hope is that you will leave not being ashamed of a mental illness. That it is when the conversation becomes public, and not told with a feeling of shame, that we will all save more lives.